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the tempest


For our 2023 production and to celebrate the 40th year of Summer Shakespeare Wellington, we will be presenting The Tempest, directed by Megan Evans, at the Dell in the Botanic Gardens.

“What does enough look like?”


Summer Shakespeare Wellington is proud to present a new production for 2023, The Tempest, directed by Megan Evans.

This hopeful and inspiring eco-ethical production will explore the nuanced and complex human (and more-than-human) relationships on this beautiful planet. 


Come with us, and explore what it means to be human. 

Director's Note

Enough? What does ‘enough’ look, sound, feel, taste, smell like? In The Tempest, Shakespeare’s Prospero is an occupier, an enslaver, a revenge-seeker. Yet as he achieves many of his goals, he starts to see some of the limits on his powers. By the end of the play, he voluntarily sets down his ‘supernatural’ powers, accepts his own flawed humanity as ‘enough’ and opens space for healing to begin.


We need to change everything.


To change everything, we need everyone. We need climate scientists and sociologists. But we also need actors and artists to help imagine new ways –wider, fairer, co-creative ways of preparing together for the tempests to come.

Show dates: 11th - 26th February 2023